Hey there! My name is Sveta, and I’m so excited to see you here! ♥


This blog is designed for all the people who struggle to find joy and happiness in everyday life.


This is also for those who lack harmony and balance in life, yet don’t have the clarity and confidence to take the first step to change.


And it's for those who are ready to make a change because they can’t take it any longer. 


Sounds like you? Then you came to the right place.


My mission is to give you the tools and guidance to rediscover yourself, picture the life you really want to live, and get there. Your dream life won’t happen accidentally. You have to work for it!

Start here

  • If you want to change your lifestyle, but have no alternatives in mind, read about everyday aesthetics lifestyle I personally follow. Or download this free booklet.
  • If you are struggling to find your purpose in life, read this post that reveals several practical tools that helped me to find my purpose.
  • If you feel lazy and unmotivated to follow New Year resolutions (or resolutions in general), check this out.
  • If you are struggling to follow your dreams, you may find these vision board techniques and tips helpful.

Meet Sveta

My name is Sveta, and I believe everyone can live their best life. And I believe everyone can change their mindset and lifestyle to make it happen.


I know that it may sound too ambitious, especially when you don’t have the clarity and confidence to take the first step to change. I've been there, too! 


After years of university learning linguistics, I made it to IT as a product manager. Yet being in my mid-30s, I realized that both my job and my lifestyle weren’t giving me the excitement I was craving for.


It was 2020 when I finally decided it was time for a change. Was it easy? Not at all!


Implementing everyday aesthetics lifestyle into my life, I've entirely re-discovered it. Interior or home improvement, style or beauty routine, working on personal relationships or self-care, and even working on diy projects or cooking – aesthetics is everywhere. Now I live a life I never thought was possible. I’m on a mission to help you do the same but in a more effective way.


What's more? When I'm not blogging or vlogging, I devote my time to product management and content production, practicing Reiki and yoga, and watercolor painting. Or just enjoying time with my cat Izzy!

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