What Is Everyday Aesthetics Lifestyle?



Today I'm here to share with you my everyday aesthetics lifestyle concept. This concept was the main reason I made significant changes to my life in recent years, especially this September (if you watched my first YouTube video, you know what I’m talking about).


Introduction to everyday aesthetics lifestyle

So, what is everyday aesthetics to start with? Let me quote Wiki here:
Everyday Aesthetics is a recent subfield of philosophical aesthetics focusing on everyday events, settings and activities in which the faculty of sensibility is saliently at stake. Alexander Baumgarten established Aesthetics as a discipline and defined it as the science of sensory knowledge, in his foundational work Aesthetica (1750).

Saying that I should expand on my own understanding of everyday aesthetics and the lifestyle based on it.

To me, everyday aesthetics lifestyle is a certain way of living, when I mostly do things and engage myself in day-to-day activities keeping in mind the one basic thing. That is: my soul and my mind agree with each other.

Well, if the concept of the soul is not relevant to you, you can replace the word 'soul' with 'feeling,' or 'gut feeling' or even 'intuition.'

I should also mention here that even though I've read Baumgartens' work, also other works and articles on aesthetics and everyday aesthetics, in particular, my concept is not 100% relevant to the philosophical understanding of the term. Yet I haven't found any other term that would describe this lifestyle concept so precisely.


Everyday aesthetics lifestyle examples

So to me, the everyday aesthetics lifestyle means living my life in harmony with my mind and soul. But what does it mean in practice? How does it work? Let me give some examples here.

We all find ourselves in situations when we feel we should do something, and our mind tells us it's wrong. And vice versa. Whenever we feel like we want to eat a delicious cake, our mind tells us it's not a good idea, and we'd better eat some fruit. Or, when our mind tells us to accept that job offer that is prestigious and well-paid, and we feel like we'd better make our hobby our job. The examples can be infinite.

What we usually do is choose one of two available options. We either listen to our soul or to our mind. When we do that, a part of our personality gets neglected.

And I used to make those choices, too. But some time ago, probably around 5 or 6 years ago, I had that thought: what if there's a third option? What if there's no need to compromise? What if there's a win-win solution to both: my mind and my soul?

Benefits of everyday aesthetics lifestyle

And, step by step, I began to implement this concept into my daily routine. Not only did I start to notice the aesthetics of the objects, environments I encounter in everyday life, but I also began to create such aesthetics, surround myself with it.

I should say, the process is huge. It involves every aspect of my life, everything from buying a cup of coffee to meeting people, doing my job, and making plans for the future.

And it is not a matter of one day. To tell the truth, I'm still working on it. But what are the benefits? Why in the world me or anyone else should bother with everyday aesthetics lifestyle at all?

To me, the answer is simple. It makes me happier. Makes my life filled with more joy and harmony than before. It brings more meaning to my life.

Of course, it's impossible to put each and every thought into one article. That's what my YouTube channel is for. Today, I described the core principle of everyday aesthetics lifestyle as I see it. And in the following posts & videos, I'll talk about the different aspects of life everyday aesthetics is related to.


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