Interior Aesthetics. My experience

Interior Aesthetics

Even before I had a studio, I often thought about what the interior in my first own apartment would be like. I wanted this to be the place where I would be pleased to be every day. Where every detail is pleasing to the eye. And I didn't want to choose between functionality and aesthetics.

So, I created a folder on my laptop called Interiors. In it, I collected photos of those design elements, those examples of color solutions that were pleasant to me.

And soon, when the issue with the choice of a layout was resolved, I began to draw ideas on a simple sheet of paper. The studio plan, by the way, is the most common for a small studio here in Russia.
What always inspired me was the Parisian interiors with some bohemian chic elements, but I liked the minimalistic Scandinavian style just as much.

But what should I choose? The first option would look too pretentious in such a small area, and the second one seemed too simple to me. As a result, it was decided to take the Scandinavian style as a base, and integrate elements of the Parisian style into it.

This is what the apartment looked like initially.

Bare walls, and part of the kitchen wall already coated by me.

Since I took Scandinavian style as a base, it was decided to paint the walls with white paint, like the ceiling. The floors are black painted and are made of varnished wood.

As an element of Parisian interiors - discreet stucco molding around the perimeter of the ceiling. And a wide white skirting board around the perimeter of the floor.

Bathroom finishes are plain white tiles on the floor and walls. The same stucco and plinth as accents. On the balcony, by analogy with the room, there are white walls and a black floor.

For the kitchen, I chose tables from Ikea, and abandoned the upper cabinets, given the small area, I wanted to leave more free space. The kitchen in progress:

As for the rest of the furniture, taking into account a small area, my choice fell on a corner sofa, table, hanger, mirror and chest of drawers - all from the same Ikea.

The final version:

It turned out exactly what I wanted. And this experience became one of the first steps for me to understand the importance of the aesthetics of everyday life.

What could be better than your home? Only a home that inspires every day!


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