Interiors Of Our Life. Some Thoughts

Interiors Of Our Life

It is a well-known fact that we don't choose our parents. But what about our interiors? How do you feel at your home? Do you like the color of the walls, the texture of the bedspread, the light of the lamps from your chandelier in the kitchen?

And most importantly, does the interior of your home reflect your inner world, lifestyle, hobbies? They say that nothing from the material world can tell about a person like his dwelling. Perhaps, I agree.

Imagine that you have an acquaintance who has never been at youк place. And there's such a game - today he is invited to visit the house of one of his friends, but he doesn't know exactly who is the owner. And so he comes to youк place. Will he be able to guess who lives here?

Probably, in order to answer this question, you first need to do such a test with yourself. At the very least, you will learn something new about yourself. Or, perhaps, you will see a complete discrepancy between your home and your inner awareness of yourself, and as a result, the absence of that very feeling of “at home”.

And this is good, because the awareness of the problem is the beginning of the solution. Think about what can you change in your current interior? What things to add, what things to get rid of? Or maybe something needs to be changed drastically?

In my experience, grabbing onto everything at once is not an option. Otherwise, the process from pleasure turns into god knows what. Yes, nobody canceled the principle of gradualism. Try to begin with the baby steps and pay attention to how you feel (spoiler alert: your well-being will definitely improve).

In the next post about interiors, I share with you how I managed to go this way, and I will consider two cases – both the option with my own studio apartment and with a rented apartment.


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