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A small note on the topic. The other day we were talking with a friend about what love means to each of us. His answer was: 'If you do not go into details, then for me love is an action.' And now - my interpretation. A bit more detailed, though.


For me, love is when you take pleasure in giving something to another person (while remaining yourself, without merging with his personality, without becoming a 'slave'). And you want to give your time, attention, care, gifts, whatever just because you feel like it. Without the 'I must', 'I have to', 'It's the right thing to do' feeling. This is the whole point. And you feel good when he or she feels good.

Falling in love is when you experience pleasure, only when you receive something from another person. It's when you feel good because this other person gives you his or her time, attention, and so on.

In other words, love = to give joy, falling in love = to get joy.

In my opinion, falling in love can either develop into love, or pass (and a couple breaks down), or it can transform into an 'if-then' relationship, the so-called conditional love (and this can last for years).

The first option is, of course, the most beautiful - it opens up so many opportunities, so much happiness. It turns into a kind of synergy, a constant exchange of energy. [Again, I am not claiming it to be true. Each person has a different perspective, which he or she is entitled to.]

- What is the difference between 'like' and 'love'?
- If you like a flower, you pick it. If you love it, you will water it every day.
The author of this quote is not known for certain. Some say it was Buddha who said it. Someone say, it was Radhanatha Swami or Osho. Honestly, the origins are not known to me and, however, do not matter to me.

After all, the definition itself is very capacious. And, replacing the word 'like' with the word 'being in love' or ' falling in love', you will get a complete reflection of my thoughts on the topic.

What is love for you? What about falling in love?

p.s. On the cover image there is a 'Cupid and Psyche' sculpture by Antonio Canova, where they look at a butterfly, which symbolizes innocence.


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