My Desk Tour: How I Organize My Desk


My Desk Tour: Minimalist aesthetic desk setup

Today I thought I’d show you a quick tour of my desk and how I organize it. This is where I work almost all the time and that’s where all my videos and blog posts come to life: from ideas to editing to publishing.

To start with, my desk is pretty minimalist. Yet it is aesthetically pleasimy taste) and has essential items on it that make me inspired and more productive. So, let’s go!


WAIT! If you’re more of a visual learner, check out my YouTube video where I detail everything in this post.


The furniture

So, let’s start with the desk itself and the chair. I have a TARENDO desk from Ikea, it’s pretty sleek and it fits my space perfectly. And I have an Ikea chair as well, that is ADDE. Well, the chair is pretty basic and it was initially bought for the dining area. Yet it's pretty comfy (especially with the matching cushion) and matches the height of the table. So, it’s totally fine.


Now, let’s move on to the decor items I have. I’m convinced that decor items are essential for the desk: they inspire me and help me stick to my daily task without being intrusive.

So, the first decor item I have on my desk is the forest print. I’ve found this one on Unsplash and printed it out. The road on the image reminds me that there are still so many opportunities and discoveries out there. And the forest, with its evergreen has always inspired me, and I don’t get bored watching it every day.

Ok, the next image I have is a print of Roden’s sculpture called The Kiss. I adore almost all of his works, and this one is my favorite. It represents everything that I consider as love. And, it’s a nice reminder to me of how love is important and beautiful. Very inspiring!

Items for Productivity

And finally, let’s have a look at the items I use for my productivity. Of course, I have a laptop handy. It's a 13’ MacBook Air which is the essential tool for my work. I’ve bought a stand for it, to make it more comfortable when typing or editing videos.

Next, the block of notes. I use it to quickly write down ideas that come to me. These might be video ideas, things I need to do or just random thoughts. Once or twice a week I sit down, browse the notes I’ve made and sort them out, turning them into plans.

Minimalist aesthetic desk setup

And right next to my notes there’s a diary and my bullet journal. I try to write in my diary at least once a week, sometimes more or less often, – there are no strict rules here. And I fill my bullet journal daily. That’s where I have my plans for a day, my monthly overviews and to do lists and collections. I’ve been doing bullet journaling for 3 months now, and it’s such a great experience that I even plan to make a separate video on it in the upcoming months.

Another item I have here is my pen of course! Since I love both a minimalistic and everyday aesthetics approach, I only have the items on my desk that I really love and find useful. It’s true for every little detail, the pen is no exception. So cute!

And the last but not the least, is my crystal plate. Aside from the aesthetics crystals bring, I use them to my advantage in inspiration, goal setting, and productivity. So, here I have Milky Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine and Tourmalinated Quartz. If you are interested in their properties, I suggest you watch my video on how to make a workspace more powerful with crystals.


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