Why People Leave For Good



I had this question in the comments section under one of my YouTube videos, the question was: why do people leave after your spiritual awakening? Well, I feel like there's something we can discuss here. The spiritual awakening is just one example, and there's more to the phenomenon.

You might have noticed that at some stages of your life, you feel disconnected from this or that person. It might even be, they leave for good. But why does it happen? Why people leave for good?


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Negative emotions

I'd like to mention the books by Esther & Jerry Hicks here. In my opinion, they explained the phenomenon quite precisely. But it's not written in one exact paragraph. The idea is hidden in their books and it's impossible to give an exact citation. That's why I will try to explain it in my own words.

To understand the reasons behind this phenomenon, let's start with the negative emotions. According to Hicks, you experience negative emotions when certain conditions for your development appear in your life, and you hinder them.

Now, once you realize it, even unconsciously, you begin to follow your path: you let negative emotions go, you let new things come into your life, you develop. Spiritual awakening is only one aspect of such development. In reality, it can be any kind of development, such as professional development, personal, physical or spiritual one.

Responding to changes

But what about the people that surround you? Some of them see these changes happening to you, some – don't. And there are basically three scenarios of their response to such changes.

The first scenario is, the person does not respond to the changes. This scenario usually takes place when your development type is not connected to your relationship with the person in any way. Let's say, you develop your physical appearance and your relationships with colleagues don't change at all. They may give you a compliment once in a while, but in general, nothing changes drastically.

The second scenario is, the person responds to the changes in a positive way. That is, your relationships improve. Let's get back to the example below. But this time, let's talk about your relationship with your wife or husband. They see you taking care of yourself, spending much more time exercising. They see that you feel better and look better. Your positive energy arises and inspires her or him in a way. The positive outcome may be different. But there will be one thing in common, – your relationship will be better than before to this or that extent.

Now, the third scenario is, the person responds to the changes in a negative way. That is, he leaves for good. Unlike in the second scenario, here the person is either not ready to let your positive energy inspire her/him or doesn't want to accept it, in the first place. The only option here is to leave you for good.

Accepting the changes

We are now have an answer to the main question that is why people leave for good. But there's one more question that remains unanswered here. Is the third scenario a good or a bad one? How should you react? And is there anything you can do about it?

In my own experience, it can be hard to accept that the third scenario is a good thing; people leaving is a good thing. We tend to think of it as something bad. But this is only an illusion we create for ourselves when events do not correlate with our expectations. How can we expect people to leave us when things go better, when we expand and re-discover our own selves?

Well, if we think of it with an open mind, we'll clearly see the answer. People leaving is part of our transformation journey. The natural way of things, when we let go (even unconsciously) of what no longer correlates with our inner selves. Sometimes we need time to realize this phenomenon. There's no sense in resisting what's happening.


Keep on with your transformation. Keep your vibrations at the highest level possible and new people will come into your life. And it might even happen, that those people who left will come back. But those relationships will not be the same: the new you, the new them and the new story.


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