The Solar Return: 12 Birthday Rituals



Every year, the Sun returns to the exact position and degree it was on the day you were born. This is what is called your Solar Return. While this can occur on your actual birthday, some years it can be the day before or after. Let's talk about how this date is special and how it impacts our lives.

What is solar return

The basis of the solar return is the duodecimal nature of existence, which has its universal astrological and sacred meaning, according to the number of Apostles, Zodiac Signs, hours of the day and night and months in a year, the number of notes between octaves, etc. Therefore, there are 12 stages in the solar return manifestation ritual.

And thanks to the principle of similarity, which states "What is above, then below, and what is below, then above, for the sake of the great goal of unity", the manifestation period can vary at your own will: 12 minutes, 12 hours, or 12 days, – as you wish.


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Meditation before the solar return

So the solar return is the hidden power of your birthday! And the best thing you can do is to consciously concentrate on the solar return and lay the necessary energy for the main 12 areas of life of the upcoming year. Are you ready?

First of all, 12 minutes before the moment of the Solar Return, you need to devote time to summing up the results of the past year. Find a comfortable place for solitude, so that no one disturbs or distracts you. It will be good to light a candle and immerse yourself in the memories:

  • What goals did you set for yourself last year?
  • What have you dreamt about?
  • What have you achieved?
  • What did you give away and what did you gain?
  • What have you coped with and what did not work out?

Get into the memories. Recognize them. You can prepare for the ritual: remember or even write out important points in advance. The idea of this moment is to realize what you were a year ago and what you have become.

Let go of troubles, find the most important thing in them, that is experience. Experience comes at a different cost, and this must be recognized. Thank the Universe for the opportunities provided. Let yourself accept everything that has happened. Next, dwell on the achievements; thank yourself for them.

Now you are ready to use everything you have in the best way for yourself and the world around you, constructively and creatively.

Meditation after the solar return

At the moment of solar return, it's time to set new goals and intentions. Put a positive thought into every minute of the solar return – a dream, a goal, a manifestation. Later, within the next 12 days, you will be able to fulfill and expand your goals every day, but now just tune in with your solar energy, blessing every month of the next year.

Don't overthink how to achieve your goals. Sometimes what we want comes to us from a completely different source than we could imagine and imagine. These 12 minutes are not for making plans, but for tuning in, imagining how you will feel during the whole year.

If at the time of this ritual, during these 24 minutes, something from the surrounding space attracts your attention, it is useful to notice and remember it. Signs always help us along the way.

If you wish, you can dedicate each minute to a separate area, as described below, or you can meditate on the New Year as a whole. After the ritual, your first day opens before you.

12 Birthday rituals

There are 12 stages in the solar return manifestation ritual, each stage lasts for one day. Let's get started!


Day 1. Your personality

The first day of the Solar Return represents activity, initiative, and independence, and our personality. Our bodies and appearance, our thoughts and actions, and our determination are very important now.

On this day, you manifest your personal goals, everything that relates to your appearance and mindset. You are the center of your own Universe. Thus, rely on your individuality and your decisions without consulting anyone. Take at least one step towards the goals and impulses that arise in you (within reason, of course). Allow yourself to be your brightest, openest, best self.

Speaking of which, take care about your body, your appearance: do some exercises, use your best spa treatment, dress up, and make use of your favorite accessories in such a way that best reflects your inner world and a decisive, active creative mood.

As far as behavior is concerned, it is good to pay attention to which of your steps are hindered and which are not. This is also very important to think about later. Choose the right steps. And it is also very important to understand that the starting point – the first step – is the most important thing in any business.

Therefore, the first day of the solar return is the most important day of the whole year. That is why I suggest you conduct your ritual at the most precise moment of the solar return.

However, if for some reason you did not have time to spend it at the exact time and in the first moments, it's fine. The whole day of the solar return welcomes your initiatives and sets the tone for the coming year.

Day 2. Your resources

The second day represents our resources. These are the energy, material, and resources of our abilities and talents. What we have, what we possess and prefer to possess, and therefore we try to surround ourselves with.

Therefore, on this day, pay attention to the things that surround you, your possessions. At some point, you can review everything. Think about your income, sources and finances in general. On this day, you manifest your financial and material values ​​for a year, so you can make a long-awaited purchase, and it would also be very symbolic to receive or earn money.

Food is also one of our main resources, so treat yourself to your favorite dish: listen to what you would like to eat today, and imagine how it benefits you, your energy. Now, you are ready for Day 3.

Day 3. Your contacts & information

The third day represents our contacts and communication, as well as information. First of all, it embraces our inner circle: our family, partners, friends.

On this day you may want to call someone who matters to you, or establish a new contact with someone and get to know each other. Let communication be pleasant, and the incoming information be the most useful. It's also important to pay attention to how you communicate, with whom, and about what. Monitor your speech carefully: each word forms your reality, so let yours be the most harmonious.

What else? New information, of course. What information would you like to be associated with this year? It's time to manifest it. The day is perfect for signing up for a course you dreamt of, or reading an interesting book or blog, or listening to a lecture. And, it's the best day to start a diary.

Day 4. Your home

The fourth day represents our home: the place we live in and the people we live with. It's time to manifest everything related to it, be it a dream home, harmony in your family or

No matter if you live in your dream home already or not, take your time today to appreciate what you have now. You may want to decorate or rearrange your living room or any other part of the house. Or, think about some repairs or even draft a complete renovation. It's totally up to you!

Since this day also represents the people we share our home with, it's a great time to invite them to dinner. Share stories from your childhood, turn the pages of an old family album; have a chat with your family members, show them that you care.

If you are planning a move, then on this day it is good to take the first step in this direction: look at the ads, call the real estate agency, or visit an open house.

Day 5. Your creativity

Day five is the most creative one. It represents your creativity and expressiveness. Embracing your imagination and listening to your inner child will help you manifest your creative ideas.

Think of the activities that you would like to engage yourself in. What brings you joy, pleasure and makes you smile? What activities interest and fascinate you? It can be anything! Dedicating your time to a hobby is the best you can do today.

Playing with children is another activity that can make this day complete. Kids will remind you how great it is to be open and sincere; how to be yourself. Now, you are ready for day six.

Day 6. Your health

Day six represents our health. Our body requires attention and care, and a healthy lifestyle in general. The same goes for our mind and our soul. So, manifesting a healthy mind, body, and soul is what this day is for.

Start your day with showing appreciation for your body: it may be a spa procedure, a massage session or jogging. Devote some time to your mind and soul. Just a simple morning yoga session will help you tune in. Have a healthy breakfast and be ready for the day!

Think about your daily and routine duties: what you can improve or automate to save time and effort, what requires help or assistance, what is not relevant anymore.

Pets and plants in your home add to your health in many ways, – they calm you down, bring you joy (and oxygen, when it comes to plants)! So, at the end of the day you might want to devote some time to your beloved pets and plants. And, you are ready for day seven.

Day 7. Your relationship

The seventh day represents partnership in all its aspects. This is both personal and business relationships. And this day is perfect for manifesting the productive and joyful relationships and partnerships you've been dreaming of.

Today, try to truly listen to your partners, understanding desires and necessities. Consult with them, make your interaction complementary, strengthening your relationships. Be supportive and accept support with an open mind and heart as well.

This day is also promising for building relationships and getting to know each other, especially if you are not in a serious relationship yet. Listen to your heart: who does it point to?

No matter if you are in a relationship or a partnership of any kind, it is highly undesirable to quarrel and argue today. Try to be as diplomatic and delicate as possible. And, let yourself step into day eight.

Day 8. Your transformation

Day eight represents a transformation. It's time to let go of something you don't need anymore and let the new in; to manifest new beginnings.

On this day, it is good to declutter both your home and your mind. If it's not that hard when it comes to your home, decluttering your mind may sound a little tricky. Trying to work with negative beliefs, worries and crisis points doesn't sound like fun. So, to make the process easier, do it step by step. The first step is to accept the current situation and allow yourself to come to terms with it. Next, relax for a moment and let it go. And finally, try to transmit the energy of your experience (even the negative one) into the ability and strength. Look at your pain points from a new perspective and in a new way.

Day eight is also a day of other people's resources. Sometimes what we no longer need is someone else's need. Think about how you can help others today: psychologically, informationally, financially. Day nine awaits!

Day 9. Your views & beliefs

The ninth day represents the expansion of our views and beliefs. It is associated with the expansion of our mental capabilities, opening new horizons, and refining our worldview in general.

Today it would be good to think of what courses you would like to sign up for or do some research on topics you are interested in. Take a new class at school, or an online master class, join a book club – the options are infinite. And it's a perfect day to start.

If reading and studying is not what you are into, you can go on a trip to find yourself in a new environment, get acquainted with a new culture, communicate with a foreigner, or even start learning a new language.

It is good to manifest your educational goals and perspectives, setting the tone for the whole year. Now you are ready for day ten.

Day 10. Your career & entrepreneurship

Day ten represents our career. It opens the door to the realms of career, entrepreneurship, social fulfillment and achievements. What goals and objectives will you manifest for the coming year?

It's time to draft a plan and purposefully and consistently follow it. Take into account all the nuances, so that the path to your goal is ergonomic and clear. By the way, you can join my free email course to fine-tune your goals and your mindset.

And this is the day when you are a role model for others. Showing your discipline, responsibility and creativity will allow you to get the same from your colleagues and partners.

This day, being strict and disciplined, is also bright and confident! You have something to be proud of; there are areas where you can consider yourself a professional. So carry this feeling throughout the day with dignity and joy! This is the day when you take a step towards your progress. And step into day ten.

Day 11. Your friends

Eleventh day represents your connection with friends and like-minded people. Manifesting harmony with your social circle is the main theme of the day.

Spend the day with friends, in a society where your ideas are captured and accepted, where you are united by a common spirit and interests.

Also, pay attention to the unusual events that might occur on this day: these may be hints from the Universe. They might require unexpected solutions and creativity, but will surely take you closer to the more harmonious and vivid experiences.

And the most important part is that you listen to your intuition today, notice the signs and write them down in your diary: some of them may be very important this year. And, congratulations! You are ready for day twelve!

Day 12. Just you

The last day in your solar return cycle symbolically represents solitude and tranquility. On this day, just relax, meditate, go over all the past eleven days and rejoice for yourself and for such a glorious beginning of your New Solar Year.

What feelings resonate with you today? What resonated with you for the past eleven days? What attracted your attention? What hindered or, on the contrary, contributed to your manifestations?

Listen to your intuition, to your inner voice – that's where you will find clues and hints. Through creativity, music, images and aromas that fascinate you today, your unconscious speaks to you. Listen carefully.

End your day meditating, dissolving in the Universe: feel its rhythm, adapt to it, and flow in harmony, joyfully and readily accepting everything that it offers. You laid the necessary energy for the main 12 areas of life of the upcoming year. Your journey has begun!


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