The Month Before Your Birthday



Have you ever felt different the month before your birthday? Was it fatigue or anguish? Have you felt lost and out of sorts? The chances are, that’s how your personal end of the year affected you.

But why does it happen over and over again? And what can you do about it?


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Your personal end of the year

So what happens on the month before your birthday? It's pretty straightforward: you are entering a period of completion, of ending a yearly cycle, of withdrawal of energy. And, in astrology it's represented by the 12th house, which is associated with the unconscious, the void and exile, the ending.

So, many people notice a certain breakdown, fatigue and self-absorption before their birthdays. This period can last for 12 days or for a whole month (that is, the 12th part of your personal year cycle) before the birthday.

Throughout this period, we tend to plunge into the memories of the year and comprehend what happened. It is time when parts of your life that do not correlate with your growth and life direction are eradicated, simply cleared from your life.

My end of the year experience

As for me, I do feel fatigue and sometimes a certain breakdown, too, to tell the truth. The first time I noticed it was 4 years ago. I realized that during this period I tend to fall into retrospective thoughts, analyzing what's been done and what remains incomplete. And feel exhausted and tired. Not in the physical aspect, but more in the mental one. But this year was an exception.

To tell you more, this time it was huge! Mainly (as I think) because this year had a special meaning to me, in terms of personal goals and expectations. So, my birthday is in August. And July was the month when it all happened. I won't go deep down into the details. But to give you the idea, this time my mental fatigue and breakdown escalated into physical weakness I'd never experienced before. It was a total disorientation. And it took me almost a month to cope with it and return to my almost usual state. Actually, I still feel it's not over 100%. But the closer my birthday is, the better I feel.

Be aware & get prepared

So, what is it, after all? What is the lesson? I believe that the lesson of the twelfth house is that we can't control everything, and sometimes what's best is to let go, to stop for a moment and retreat. But the problem is, we usually experience these states and thoughts unconsciously. And thus, miss a great opportunity to let go of the past and manifest new great things coming into our lives.

Now, how to make the month beofre your birthday less stressful and depressing? I have three tips here, which helped me many times, but were unfairly forgotten this year. So, this is a reminder to you and to myself:

Set a reminder. The first thing is to remember this period is going to occur. So, just put a note in your calendar. Set a reminder. You may call it "the 12th month" or something similar. Just make sure you remember what this note is about. This way, you'll be able to control your thoughts, your mood and your actions. Not just fall into the void unconsciously.

Add an extra self-care routine. It might be meditation, Reiki or yoga. Or, if you prefer, schedule massage or spa sessions at least once a week. It might be anything that will keep you relaxed and calm through the month.

Start journaling. This month our mind needs special care. It's a bad idea to fill it with retrospective thoughts and never-ending inner monologues. It's way too stressful. Instead, find time to write down everything that comes to your mind. This way you'll give yourself space to look at the past year with a clear mind. I usually journal in the evenings, just to declutter my mind before sleep. Plus, it helps me prepare for the Solar Return practice (you may read about this practice HERE).


And the most important thing about the month before your birthday is, don't be afraid of this period. It's a natural ending to another cycle and it's not meant to harm you. On the contrary, it's time to take a breath, to realize what you were a year ago and what you have become, to let go of everything unwanted. The Universe wants you to rest and get ready for the following year.


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