How To Prepare For A Reiki Session

One of the questions I get asked most often is, "What should I do to prepare for a Reiki session?" Also, "How to prepare for a reiki session the right way?" The good news is, I have several suggestions that will enhance your experience and help you get the most out of your Reiki session.

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Find the Right Reiki Practitioner

Before scheduling a Reiki appointment with a new practitioner, I encourage you to take time to learn more about the person you choose. The best way to do it is to speak with the practitioner before you book a session. Most practitioners welcome a phone or video call consultation in advance to answer any questions you may have.

The thing is, everyone's communication style and feeling of connection is unique. So, as you speak with the practitioner, tune into how you are feeling when you hear his or her voice. You will know when you feel the right fit. And if you feel uncertain, I suggest you keep looking.

Plan your appointment day

Plan your appointment day thoroughly. First of all, on the day of your appointment, drink more water and natural juice. Consume food that is fulfilling and is full of vitamins and minerals. Next, think of the clothes you will be wearing. Give up tight jeans or a button up shirt that squeezes your neck and belly. Instead, choose something comfortable.

Now, consider proper appointment timing. Schedule your Reiki appointment at a time when you won't be rushed upon arrival or leaving. I suggest you show up to your appointment five to ten minutes early so that you don't feel rushed.

Also, make sure you have spare time after your session. Think about how you'd like the rest of your day or evening to look after Reiki and prioritize your time accordingly. Leverage your post-Reiki session time for inward reflection and nurturing for yourself.

Hold a positive expectation

Reiki masters are not magical healers. They only help you connect with the energy of the Universe. And it's you who decides whether this energy comes in and helps you or not. That's why holding a positive expectation that your body and mind have the wisdom and ability to heal on their own is crucial before, during and after the session.

Set an intention

I recommend you form an intention for every Reiki session. Intentions bring us in alignment with Reiki energy. Your intentions may include increased clarity, focus and confidence, energy cleansing, grounding and a feeling of belonging. Remember that intentions are most potent when they come from your inner self.

Once you arrive at your session, be fully present. Let go of the everyday routine thoughts and remember the intention you came with.

Incorporate crystals

Crystal Reiki aims to amplify and reshape energy. Using crystals during the session will also match their vibration with the vibration of your intention. Your Reiki practitioner may use crystals that will energetically support you, but you can also benefit from using your own. Consider wearing crystal jewelry or bringing a small crystal that resonates with your intentions for the session. It will absorb the positive energy and continue to vibrate with it for days.

Now that you know how to prepare for a Reiki session, the chances are you'll spend a productive Reiki healing time with a practitioner. If you practice self healing, please read the 5 reiki self healing mistakes article I wrote some time ago. There you will find useful tips on how to make the most out of your self-healing Reiki session.


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