Top 5 Crystals For Your Workspace


Let's talk crystals today! Crystals and gemstones are my long-time desk essentials. When shooting my latest video on Reiki, an idea of presenting my crystal & gemstones collection popped up in my head. But the thing is, my crystal collection has expanded over the years, so it's impossible to showcase it in one video.

This is why I've decided to run a Crystals for Beginners series. And the first post on the topic is dedicated to the crystals for your workspace. It features the list of crystals I personally use for my workspace. Simply because work has been a place where I've benefitted from my crystal use the most.


Aside from the aesthetics they bring, I use them to my advantage in inspiration, goal setting, and productivity. Whenever I find myself distracted from work, or, on the contrary, feel overwhelmed with so much work, I feel unproductive. Having crystals nearby helps me trigger my mind to focus and relax.


WAIT! If you’re more of a visual learner, check out my new YouTube video below where I detail everything in this post.


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Today, I’ll share my story of how I’ve found my purpose. And give you tools and practice advice on how to find yours.

But first, let me share how to make your workspace even more powerful with gems and crystals.

Cleanse & delutter your space regularly

The first thing I do is I declutter and cleanse my workspace regularly.

They say, a clear desk is a clear mind. And I totally agree. A cluttered space can cloud your thinking. A clean, organized space, on the other hand, empowers you and helps you work better. If you haven't watched my video on the benefits of decluttering, I recommend that you watch it right after reading this post. So yes, I declutter my desk regularly.

But I also believe it's important to cleanse my workplace energetically. For the same reason as I do my decluttering. What I do is cleanse my space with sage or palo santo regularly. There are plenty of articles and videos on how to do it right, so I won't describe the process here. The only thing I'd like to mention is, if burning smoke is not allowed in your office or if you work from home but prefer another method of cleansing, you can use a piece of Selenite to cleanse the energy of your work space. Selenite perfectly purifies the environment that surrounds it.

Keep inspiring notes around

The next thing I do to empower my workspace is I surround myself with reminders on my goals, priorities and the overall potential I have. So, when I sit at my desk working on my laptop, I face my vision board on the wall in front of me.

I also keep my notes handy, and the most important ones are, the note with the Reiki principles and the note with my character strengths. These keep me focused and inspired.

So, as you work on incorporating aesthetics, inspiration and productivity in the workplace, you can place meaningful notes around your desk so that you can reference them throughout the day. Of course, only you know what's meaningful to you, so instead of Reiki principles and character strengths you can place any wording, images or objects on your desk.

Decorate your workspace with crystals

And finally, the crystals! Basically, I keep five crystals on my desk. These are: Milky Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Tourmalinated Quartz and Selenite. Let me show you each of them and talk a little bit about their properties.

Milky quartz

Milky Quartz is one of the most powerful stones on Earth. Also known as White Quartz, Snowy Quartz, it is actually simply a more opaque version of Clear Quartz. Known as the master healer, it can work with all chakras (if you are into chakras), thus it's highly beneficial in any situation.

Similar to Clear Quartz, White Quartz holds and amplifies intention, while diffusing an aura of tranquility, calmness, and peace into one's energy field and space.

When distractions arise, white quartz helps to stay focused. It reminds you to clear your mind and focus on your priorities.

In addition, white quartz is also a master amplifier of other crystals, meaning that working with other crystals it amplifies their powerful properties, making your crystal collection even more effective at work.


Next, Amethyst. Amethyst is linked with the Third Eye Chakra, allowing you to see things objectively and from your highest consciousness. It's also known for its stress-reducing properties. So it is perfect for those who are looking for a way to reduce stress and tension.

Overall, amethyst is the stone of spirituality. So when it comes to work projects, it allows you to focus on the bigger picture of your project instead of digging down into the details.


Citrine is a manifesting stone, linked with the Sacral Chakra – the seat of creativity, imagination and intuition. It allows you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Also being the stone of success, it is usually used for setting positive intentions at work and aids in finding your true purpose in life, your own path and being successful at it.

Tourmalinated quartz

Being one of my favorite stones, tourmalinated quartz is known for its ability to clear the mind and release negative energies that may be holding us back. So if you're feeling stuck on your latest project, just reach for this gemstone and let it help you break through to the next level.



And finally, Selenite. Linked with Crown Chakra, it is an incredibly cleansing stone, with a very high vibration. Selenite has a meaning of clarity and consciousness.

Selenite works as a guidance stone, allowing you to make the right choices by listening to your intuition and inner voice and following it. It's especially helpful for people who are easily annoyed or distracted. And it also helps eliminate stress.

As I've mentioned above, Selenite is a master cleansing stone, so it's a must in the workplace. It clears any bad energy circulating around your body, and environment, be it a regular office or home office.

To sum things up, –

Decorating your workspace with a variety of beautiful crystals can complement and stimulate your surroundings both aesthetically and energetically! Size and shape don't matter as much as what you want to accomplish with your crystals.

I use certain stones to improve my workspace. But it doesn't mean you have to go and buy the same crystals right away. You may want to do some research on the stones you already have, and you'll likely discover that they offer benefits similar to my list above.

Also keep in mind that each stone works on one or more of our chakras. So if you are into chakras, you can tailor your selection according to a certain chakra that might be off balance at the moment.

Besides, don't forget to use your intuition and feel free to get creative. Remember, this is your workspace you are trying to improve, not mine! It should be filled with whatever crystals you're most drawn to. They need to be meaningful to you, and you should learn how to use them to help you achieve your life goals.


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