How To Learn Reiki At Home


If you are reading this blog post, it means you already know what Reiki is and would like to begin your own journey – to learn Reiki at home. So, I will skip the introduction of this healing technique and its history, and will go straight to the point.


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But before I share my experience on how I learned Reik at home, there's something I suggest you do in advance.


Before you begin to learn Reiki

So, what you need to do is ask yourself:

"Am I drawn to Reiki?"
"Do I feel this calling?"
"Am I ready to let go of skepticism and prejudice?"
"Am I ready to spend time learning?"


These questions are essential to ask to understand if you are truly ready to devote time and effort to learning the Reiki practice. And, if you still hesitate or feel uncertain, take your time. Or, I'd suggest you visit a local practitioner in person or online and take at least one Reiki session. It might guide you to the right decision.

How Reiki found me

My journey began unexpectedly. Reiki found me when I didn't expect it at all. One day, I watched a random video on YouTube, and someone mentioned Reiki there. So, for some reason, I decided to Google what Reiki is. I came across it at times when I felt really stressed and frustrated. And, digging deeper into the Reiki concept, I had that feeling, the calling. I didn't feel any doubts. It was that unwavering confidence I felt.

So, the decision was made. The next step was to understand where to start from. At the time, I had quite a busy lifestyle and could hardly attend any offline classes. Plus, I felt like I should do my research before going deeper into the topic.

Getting started with Reiki

So, I decided to learn Reiki at home and to start with a book. I did my research and found Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art by Diane Stein. I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to get familiar with the Reiki basics. You'll learn the history of Reiki, a detailed description of Reiki sessions and its symbols, including advice on space preparation, discussions, ethics, handouts, and attunements.


The book also presents full information on all three degrees of Reiki. To tell the truth, now it is my third time reading this book and I am still learning from it as I read. Back then, it took me about a week to read it. And that's when I was ready to take a course.


How I learned Reiki at home

What I did next was do my research on online courses available. While searching, I paid attention to three things: the Master's personality, students' reviews, and course's content. To be more precise, I wanted to know the Master's lineage, and years of practice. Also, to what degree are current students satisfied. And finally, if the course covers the basics, and beyond, including the availability of distant attunement and a certificate of completion.

That way, I've opted for Lisa Powers and her REIKI LEVEL I, II AND MASTER program. Apart from the fact that she and her program satisfied all my requirements, the course is available to the students forever. It's quite important, because there's so much information included. And I have to go back to lectures time and time again. It's great I can do it.

I'd like to recommend this course to anyone who feels the need to go deeper into Reiki and begin practicing it. It's worth mentioning that some people are skeptical about online courses and prefer offline, on-site classes. Well, I'll surely stand with those who prefer online courses.

The reason is, offline classes don't last that long (as far as I can tell), and to me it feels like less information is given, and it's quite brief. If I had time to visit both online and offline, I'd surely have opted for it. But if you would like to practice Reiki on yourself or your friends and relatives, and are struggling to choose between online and offline classes, I'd suggest you go for the online ones. But if you would like to make Reiki your business, I suggest you get offline attunement as well. Why? I Googled information on Reiki practicing, in the US and Canada, and it requires an obligatory offline training and certification. As for the US, it depends on the state you are practicing in, so I've found a guide where you can learn more.


Continue your education

Now, the last point I'd like to share today. Once you finish learning Reiki, and start practicing, you might want to go even deeper into Reiki. That's what happened to me. I took another course, which is Crystal Reiki. And I'm so glad I did! I mean, I love crystals and I have a small collection of my favorites. And it's amazing how they both compliment each other: Reiki and crystals. It feels so natural and at the same time expands my overall knowledge of the Universe.

So, what I'm trying to say is that a basic Reiki course is not your final destination. There's much more to discover!


To sum things up, –

Today I shared my experience with you, the way I managed to learn Reiki at home. It was a challenge. And it might look the same to you. But it's not impossible. If you feel like this is what you need don't ignore your intuition: do what feels right, and don't give up. Good luck!

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