White Home Interior: Interior Design Tips



White Home Interior: Interior Design Tips

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! I've recently shot my small studio apartment tour, and it's the most popular video on my YouTube channel so far. And today, I decided to continue the topic and talk about the aesthetics of interior design, the all-white or black and white home interior. 


So whether you already have an all-white apartment or you're currently styling your space to have an all-white aesthetic, you probably have one essential question in mind: How is it like to live in such a space? Are there any drawbacks? Is it worth having an all-white space, and what are things to consider before going for a white home interior? So, let's get started!


WAIT! If you’re more of a visual learner, check out my YouTube video where I detail everything in this post.


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The first thing people usually say when entering my studio apartment is, "Wow, everything is so white, so black and white and clean and fresh!" And indeed, I totally agree, white space may be easy on the eyes, but it's not quite as easy to maintain.

After living in my apartment for several years now, I've developed some habits for keeping things fresh, clean, and tidy. But what I do know, these habits are not for everyone.

So, before you decide to choose a black and white or white home interior for your home, let me share some key aspects to consider.

The Walls

Let's start with the wall's color. If you love that minimalist, Scandinavian or Parisian vibe, you may dream of having white walls. And indeed, they look so pretty both on-site and on Instagram or Pinterest. But what are the drawbacks?

You can accidentally get your white wall stained, or the paint can peel off. And these things strike the eye. Also, dust is quite visible on white surfaces. So, if you are not ready to maintain the white walls, you might want to consider other options, like gray, green, or beige tones.

But if you are ready to maintain white walls, my tips may be helpful.

1 – What I did before painting my walls white, I looked for different brands and color types. And finally chose the washable paint. It means I can simply wash it with a damp cloth to remove minor stains and dirt.

2 – And, since my walls are painted a specific shade of white, I keep an extra can of the same paint handy for touch-ups if some scratches appear.

Next is the floor.

The Floor

When I first got my apartment, I was sure that I would paint my floors either white or black. I was so inspired by the Pinterest images. Lastly, I leaned towards black. I thought that the combination of white walls and black floors would look edgy and cool. And it does, indeed.

But, what I didn't expect is that black floors reveal everything. What do I mean? Ok, so when I first moved into my apartment after renovation, I had blonde hair. And, you might have already guessed that each hair that might accidentally fell from my head was visible on the floor. It just struck my eye. That's because light objects go in high contrast with dark ones. And prepare to see each bread or cookie crumb or dust on the floor.

And, now, let's talk about white floors. Would it be the better option? So, I've opted for a white tile floor in my bathroom. And, I should say that this choice was not the best either. The dust is quite visible as well. Moreover, the dirt (from the shoes or the pets) is visible to the eye too. Does it mean you have to avoid plain white or black flooring?

Well, you surely don't have to. It's just, you'll have to wash it more often and learn to maintain it properly. Yet, if you are not ready to spend more time cleaning and maintaining, I suggest you consider alternative options.

As for the room flooring, I'd suggest you consider natural wood colors, either on a natural or grayish side or on a darker side, like brown, mahogany, or wenge.

And as for the bathroom floor, I'd opt for either black and white tiles, granite, or any other pattern types of tiles. The reason is, the dust and dirt are less visible, and they don't strike the eye so much if the surface is multicolored.

Ok, and let's continue.

But before I move to the last aspect to consider, I'd like to mention that the drawbacks of black and white floors and walls also apply to all black and white home interior elements, such as surfaces (like tables, countertops), furniture, and decor elements. So, you might consider alternative color palettes for these items as well.

The Furniture

Ok, and the last thing I'd like to talk about today is upholstered furniture. So, I've opted for a green sofa, a soft-covered fabric with a velvety feel. And, yeah, it looks and feels fantastic. But compared to my previous sofa, which was a light grayish beige color and with another type of fabric, more like matting or gunny, my current sofa tends to keep all the dust, and though it's darker in color, I still have to clean it and vacuum clean it more often.

So, if you want to consider a white or light-colored sofa, my advice is to go for it. But pay special attention to the texture of the fabric. I recommend you go for more practical solutions if you don't want to spend extra time and money cleaning.

This was it for today! I hope these tips will help you decide on what your next interior will look like or help to improve your current black or white home interior.


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