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Today, I have a special topic to talk about. It’s very personal and sensitive. But I believe that talking about how Reiki changed my life may help other people out there. It might help those who suffer from sleep deprivation, anxiety, and fatigue.


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If you watched my video on why I left Moscow, you already know the answer. But if you haven’t, let me give you a quick intro.

How Reiki found me

I got tired of the rhythm of life I had then. At first, there was nothing special. I just began to feel tired. But it turned into health problems, those of neurological nature. I visited my neurologist four times during the last year. So, it was not ok for me: my sleep was terrible, I felt tired no matter what I did: be it sports or yoga, just doing nothing or doing relaxation sessions.

That’s when Reiki found me. Why do I say “found”? Well, I didn’t know what it was back then, nor have I searched for healing techniques on purpose. One day, I watched a random video on YouTube, and someone mentioned Reiki there. So, for some reason, I decided to Google what Reiki is. And so, my journey began.

I already bought a book Essential Reiki by Diane Stein and applied for the Reiki Course with Lisa Powers in a week. I felt like I was there where I needed to be. It’s hard to describe, but I think we all felt this way in our lives. The course and the book were inspiring. I don’t say it was a piece of cake, though. It took time and practice, and memory skill training to learn all the information. A few months later, I finally got my Reiki Master certificate. And my Reiki Attunement Ceremony was on October, 19th 2020.

Before I proceed with how Reiki changed my life, let me answer a couple of the most frequent questions about Reiki I get asked. First,

What is Reiki?

To cut it short, Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki is a complementary health approach. It complements other types of medical treatments. And it should not be used as a substitute for the consultation of a physician or a psychotherapist.

The next question I get asked a lot is:

What is the Reiki attunement ceremony?

Ok, first, I should say that everyone has such different experiences during and after the ceremony. Some feel and see things while others fall asleep with nothing to report. As for me, I felt excitement and calmness at the same time. I didn’t have any visions, nor did I fall asleep. Yet I strongly felt like something that needed to happen was happening.

Anyway, if you are studying Reiki and feel a bit nervous about your attunement, don’t be. Whatever you feel during the ceremony, the experience you’ll receive will be exactly as it needs to be.

How Reiki changed my life

Soon after my attunement, I began to practice Reiki healing on myself. But did it help my physical and mental state? To answer this, let me share the 5 main changes in my life that happened thanks to Reiki.

First, I began to trust my intuition more. There are times in our life when we feel that there’s something about to happen, and it’s the right thing. And this was precisely the case with Reiki. So, instead of ignoring my intuition, I followed it. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Primarily because I had another confirmation that following intuition is the right thing to do. This time, it led me to Reiki and helped me formulate my everyday aesthetics concept as a side effect. It could have never happened if I had ignored my intuition.

Second, I got more confidence to face life challenges. Now I know that in case I face insomnia, anxiety, or stress, - I can help myself with Reiki healing practice. I know it works for me. And it’s my primary go-to tool to cope with life challenges.

Third, I found more meaning in my life. That is, helping others. With Reiki, I can help people in person and even at a distance, which is a gratifying experience.

Fourth, I began to value privacy and personal boundaries more. It relates to both my privacy and boundaries and other people’s. One of the Reiki principles is respecting other people and performing a session only if the person gives his consent. I had the situation when a friend I wanted to perform a Reiki session on rejected it. And, it’s totally fine. Though I wanted to help badly, I showed respect for his decision instead of insisting and did not take it personally. This is another positive change Reiki helped me to obtain.

And lastly, Reiki gave me more confidence in my future. In case there’s a necessity or an inner calling, Reiki can become an additional source of income. Though I don’t plan to make it a business in the nearest future, it’s just good to know that there’s such an option.


To sum things up, –

You never know 100% where life might lead you. Any life event has its unique outcome. So, whatever the event is, think of the positive changes that have happened to you in the meanwhile. Have you ever experienced life-changing events? What were your thoughts, what positive outcome followed? Let’s discuss this in the comment section below!


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