No Sugar Plum Jam Recipe



Recently, I've visited my friend's country house and gathered a large pot of plums. And here it is – a no sugar plum jam recipe! It has no sugar in it, plus, you can keep it in a cool place for the whole year, and use it to cook pies, dips and sauces or eat as is.

First, let's prepre the ingredients.

Fresh plums
A large pot
A lid
A stove
A glass jar

The whole process takes 3 days. The idea behinв the jam cooking is very simple.

Day 1. To start with, take a bunch of fresh plums (no matter how many you have), wash them, and cut them into 4 parts each, removing the seed.

Next, put the plums into a large pot. I have a stainless still one. And it fits perfectly. And now, put it on a stove and start cooking them for 1 hour. Stir it a bit a couple of times. After 1 hour of cooking, turn off the stove, put a lid on a pot and leave it until the next day.

Day 2. Do the same thing: remove the lid, cook for one hour, stir a bit. Then, leave it until the day 3, with the lid on.

Day 3. Repeat everything from the day 2. If you feel like the plum is not that thick yet, cook for another 20-30 min. Once you're done, let it cool and then, put in a glass jar.

Keep your jam in a cool place, and se when needed. If you use a sterilized jar, you can keep it for up to 6 months. If you don't sterilize, then use in within a month or too, and keep it in a fridge.

You can use this jam to cook pies, dips and sauces or eat as is. Bon appétit!

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