White Home Interior Cleaning Hacks



Today, let's talk about how to keep your all-white or black and white home white. I share my own experience and white home interior cleaning hacks I use to keep my black and white apartment looking fresh, bright, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.


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Let's start with the walls


Here are my top 3 cleaning hacks when it comes to keeping my white walls white:

1 – What I did before painting my walls white was I looked for different brands and color types. And finally chose the washable paint. It means I can simply wash it with a damp cloth to remove minor stains and dirt. 

2 – Since my walls are painted a specific shade of white, I keep an extra can of the same paint handy for touch-ups if some scratches appear. Also, I labeled my paint containers with the exact paint number. Since it's easy to forget once, you need to buy another can.

3 – I vacuum clean my walls once a month to keep dust from accumulating since dust can make white walls look dingy.

Now, the floors!


I have both black wooden floors in my apartment and white tile in my bathroom. And this is how I keep them clean and fresh:

1 – I don't wear shoes in the house. I consider this the number one and easiest rule for keeping my apartment clean: leave all shoes at the door. This significantly cuts down on how often I need to vacuum and wash the floor. In fact, the one area of the house I need to vacuum the most often is the entryway, where I put on and take off my shoes. I also use a doormat inside and outside the entrance.

2 – I vacuum clean my floor once a week and wash it once or twice a month.

3 – I use felt glides on all furniture feet to prevent scratches.

As for my floor tile in the bathroom, I vacuum clean it once a week, right after that, I wipe it down with warm water, and right after that, I use a dry piece of cloth so that no water stains remain.


Now, upholstery! 


I only have one upholstered sofa in my apartment. It's made of a soft-covered fabric with a velvety feel. And it tends to keep lots of dust, visible crumbs, and other particles.

So, I vacuum clean it once a week and wipe it with a woolen cloth that gathers all the dust remaining after vacuum cleaning.

As for the white curtains & bedding, I follow general rules, meaning I machine wash my white items using an eco-friendly detergent. Plus, I do not launder white items with any colorful ones. And until recently, I didn't know that you could wash a shower curtain in a washing machine. But it turns out you can! So I now wash it once a month with cool water, and it works perfectly!


And finally, white surfaces

My number onу rule is to clean them right after I cook (if we talk about the kitchen) or sprinkle the surface with hot water after using it (if we talk about bath or sink). As for the detergents, I use natural ones. I make them myself by mixing 1 part of baking soda with 1 part of vinegar or lemon juice. But before using these, make sure your surface won't be damaged with these. For more complicated cases, I use a melamine sponge. Though it's non-toxic, it is not fully biodegradable and, therefore, not entirely eco-friendly. So I'm still searching for a greater alternative.



Ok, that was it for today! I hope you'll find these cleaning hacks helpful in maintaining all-white and black and white interiors. Share this article with anyone struggling with the white home interior!


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