What I Learned Moving In & Moving Out


Moving can be overwhelming, both financially and emotionally. In my life, I moved 8 times. But this time was special. I moved by myself, with all my items I had, from my rent apartment to my own one. And, I had to move everything out but also to do something with my old staff I had in my own apartment where I lived before.


During my moving out and moving in process, I had a few insights I wrote down. That made 10 tips in total. And I share them with you, hoping they might be helpful.


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Let’s start with the moving out tips:

Do your decluttering

During my previous moves, I used to just pack everything and do my decluttering once I’m in the new place. But this time it was different.

I've dedicated a few nights before my move to getting rid of things that I haven’t used for a year or more. I’ve donated and sold some books, clothes and cookware.#nbsp;

What were the benefits? First, it saved me time and money to pack and move everything. Second, it saved me time unpacking when I moved into a new apartment. And third, it was psychologically liberating to just have only things I need and love.

Organize items strategically before packing

I used to pack my items by room before, just as many moving companies do, but this time I've found that it’s more efficient to pack things by category.#nbsp;

I had a box with books, clothes, kitchenware, bedding, etc. each labeled accordingly. It saved me a lot of time when unpacking.

But there’s one more tip when it comes to packing.

Put the items you need first and use daily in a separate box

This is super convenient to open just one box, and voila: your bathroom must-haves, one bedding set, one or two dish sets, the book you currently read or gadgets you use daily - all in one place and ready.

There’s no need to open each box to get only a few things you need right away. It saved my nerve cells, really.

Schedule in-home estimates with a moving company

That’s where I messed up this time. Before, I used to move out using my dad’s car, or public transportation (where there was no rush and I could move one or two bags or backpacks at a time). But this time it was different. I had to move too many items, including some fragile ones, like my plants, vases and gadgets, etc.

And I didn’t think that hiring a moving company was not a question of one day. First, I had to google the companies. Then, to call them or write online and ask for estimates (I suggest you get at least three estimates, if you can). Then, I had to wait for their answer and decide which company to hire. And lastly, I had to schedule the moving out date the company is available on. So, it was 4 days from the day I found the companies till the moving out day.

It didn’t quite fit into my initial plans. But now I know, and next time I’ll do it beforehand.

Make time for friends and relatives before moving day

Since you might not see some people you care for for quite a long time, schedule a meeting with them beforehand. Doing that last minute may not work and you leave without saying goodbye.

I met with some of the people I wanted, but didn’t manage with some, too. So, I suggest you schedule a meeting at least one month before leaving. The chances are, during this period of time you’ll be able to meet with as many people as you want with no rush.

Now, the moving in tips!

Have your wi-fi router / internet connected

When you’re moving into a new apartment, Wi-Fi will likely be one of the first things you want. In my case, I haв a provider here, but didn’t have a router to connect. And, I didn’t think of it while I was moving. So, it turned out I didn't have an internet connection the day I moved in.

Thus, I had to use my phone internet for a few days. To say it was inconvenient, is to say nothing! The connection was quite slow, I had to charge my phone more often. And all in all, I couldn’t upload or download anything at a proper speed.

So, my advice here is before you move to your new apartment, call your new ISP. This way, your internet will be turned on as soon as possible – perhaps even before you’re moved in. And, make sure they provide a wi-fi router or, if they don’t, buy one beforehand.

Unpack items you need first in the first place

Remember my advice to pack the items you need first and use daily in a separate box? Well, now it’s time to unpack! Get the essentials unpacked first, then take your time with the rest of the house. You’ll feel relieved once you see that everything you need right now is here at your hands.

Next, the rooms that you need to unpack after moving are the kitchen, bedroom and the bathroom. But before unpacking, I strongly recommend you do your cleaning. And here goes the tip #3.

Do your cleaning wearing makeup

It may sound strange, - why in the world should you wear youк makeup on? Well, during my cleaning process I started to notice my face got really bad: all that dust and dirt particles ended up on my skin and it got irritated and dry, and my pores got clogged.

Makeup works as a shield here. It covers your skin and doesn’t let the dust and dirt go deep under. Once you remove it, you have your skin fresh as it was before.

The interesting part is (I learned it from my brother when I told him about the idea of wearing makeup during my cleaning) is that coal miners do practically the same. With coal dust and sweat rubbed into their faces, it’s essential to have something on to protect the skin. So they wear a protective cream on their faces, too. So this idea came to me is not a new one, as it turned out. But it definitely makes sense!

The 20/10 rule

Cleaning and unpacking is not a marathon. What I learned during my move is that it’s better to clean rarely but regularly than once in a blue moon. That’s exactly what happened in my case. I haven’t lived in my apartment for 5 years, and people who lived in it during this time cleaned occasionally.

On my return, I realized that massive cleaning, and some renovation are needed. And it took me about a month and a half to get the apartment to a proper condition. And it would take a week or so if the apartment was taken care of regularly.

As for the 20/10 rule, it’s one of the methods I incorporated into my cleaning routine, that made the whole process easier, and less stressful. The idea is to clean for 20 min, and do something else for 10 min. Then repeat. You don’t have to stick to 20/10 timing though. It might be a 60/30 min or any other timing that feels fine for you.

Do your decluttering

Yes, you heard me. Do it before moving out and after moving in. You’ll be surprised you still have so many things to let go.

I did my moving in decluttering after unpacking. Why? If you do your decluttering while unpacking, the chances are, you’ll get rid of some of your items relating to your emotions only, being in a rush and stressed facing all those unpacked boxes and piles of clothes, cookware, bedding and everything in between. That’s why I prefer to do my decluttering after unpacking.

Hope these moving in and moving out tips were helpful to you! Let me know in the comments below how your move experience was and if you have your own insights and tips to share.


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